Single Washes

A consistent wash is extremely important to the preservation of your vehicle. It prevents contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, tree sap, bug guts, salt, and air-borne pollutants from adhering, prevents rust, and let’s be honest, makes your ride look great! Feel like unlimited washes may be too much? No worries, you can always roll through for a single wash and receive the same level of quality and customer service as you would with a plan. Choose between five levels of single auto-washes:

Ultimate Wash Plus only: This wash includes a three-day guarantee – if your car gets dirty again, come back through for a Good Wash!

Good Wash

  • a basic wash
  • Soap and Water with a Quick Dry

Better Wash

  • Good Wash +
  • Sealer Wax and Rim Cleaner

Best Wash

  • Good + Better +
  • Triple Foam and Tire Shine

Ultimate Wash

  • Good + Better + Best +
  • Dragon Dry and Rain-X

Ultimate Wash Plus

  • Good + Better + Best + Ultimate +
  • Simomiz Hot Wax Shine and LAVA Foam

Unlimited Plans

Do you have a longer commute? Do you take the ByPass or the Toll Road more often? Do you just love the feel of a beautiful, shiny ride? Our Unlimited Plans might be the right choice for you! Choose between Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans depending on your needs.

The unlimited wash plans include a magnetic sticker that goes on your windshield and is automatically billed on the 1st of each month.


  • As many Better washes as you want

Unlimited Plus

  • As many Ultimate washes as you want

Of course, you will also have unlimited access to our high-powered vacuums and carpet floor mat cleaners.

Ticket Book

Ticket books are a popular option – and for good reason – they save you a lot of money! Purchase a ticket book and receive SIX washes for the price of FOUR! These are a fantastic option for single wash folks that may want more washes during winter to keep the salt off of their vehicles. Pride’s Express is locally owned and operated, so every purchase you make supports local business and Goshen’s local economy! Your purchase will also grant you access to our high-powered vacuums and carpet floor mat cleaners.

The Better Book


The Best Book


The Ultimate Book


The Ultimate + Book



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